Regular Fall season in 2021.

After a covid-induced 'Spring 2021 aka Fall 2020' season, we are back to the normal high school water polo schedule.

There is also a playlist of short video clips available on YouTube. Some are simply raw clips, some are compiled and edited.

The pictures in these MAHS sports galleries are not taken professionally. I am a parent taking them for the enjoyment of the team and families. They are not being sold by me.

However, they are my copyright and IP. I grant permissive use to everyone involved with the MAHS athletic program (players, parents, coaches, administrators) to download and/or print to your heart's content, and even post elsewhere with attribution. They are available to news organizations and others on request at

The buy buttons that exist are only for convenience because I was asked to make them available. The fees are for the printing service and go straight to the print shop and do not come to me.

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